About Us

Diddo is a clothing brand for unique women.

We were born by and for you. Initially, Diddo was just an alter ego, an Instagram account where I posted homemade looks. But one day, we realized that these clothes were reaching people who really appreciated them and wanted them to be a part of their wardrobe. Due to this impulse, we decided to take a risk and start this beautiful project that excites us every day.


Our mission is to offer quality products to our customers that respect the environment and are designed, manufactured and transported by a committed team that has allowed us to grow over time.


We believe that, once our goal is achieved, we can become a benchmark brand for the sector of women committed to this way of living fashion.


Our guide during this journey has been the values that we are now sharing with you.

At Diddo we love design in each of its phases: from the moment we work on the first ideas in our creative workshop from the lucky moment we see our garments in your wardrobes.

We are  respectful with the environment because we are artisans and hope to one day be able to offer you our entire catalog with a sustainability label.  We believe in a fashion industry that returns to its roots and that relies on local suppliers, on balanced working days for our team, on being perfectionists but not being ambitious with annual collections or abusive deadlines. We believe in slow fashion that allows us to give our customers the highest quality, comfort and confidence.

  • Sostenibilidad
  • Artesanía
  • Igualdad
  • Implicación
  • Superación
  • Honestidad
  • Trabajo en Equipo
  • Gratitud


We believe in an  egalitarian society . For this reason, we work with spanish small workshops, some of them charity workshops.

We are involved in every step of the process, from design to delivery, including cutting, scaling or promotion on social media; always with a healthy spirit of achievement and continuous improvement.

We are transparent. We share all technical details of the garments with our clients, as well as our business philosophy, our trust in local suppliers and the charity initiatives that we develop. You can see this transparency every day on our social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook .

We believe in teamwork. Every person that collaborates or has collaborated with Diddo is part of our great family (photographers, models, pattern makers, cutters, seamstresses, fabric suppliers ...) and from here we would like to thank you all.

We are grateful to our society and we pay close attention to charity ventures that happen around us. For this reason, we will make a quarterly donation of a percentage of each purchase to a social action, chosen among our clients.