VOLVER. The art of timeless fashion

VOLVER. The art of timeless fashion

We are celebrating one year since the launch of the brand!
We remain faithful to our idea of garments with no expiry date, timeless. Garments with carefully studied patterns and excellent quality so that they will last a lifetime, yours and those who inherit them.



The “A” coat, the Rania trousers or the Sole shirt have become our iconic garments this year, our infallible wardrobe essentials, but as much as we like our “non-basics”, we want to surprise you with new proposals.


CHAQUETA GALAFor the first time, we dare to make dresses for super special occasions. We have used the jacquard of our "A" coat, our icon, in a printed version. A light fabric, in a dreamy pattern that we hope you will love as much as we do.

VESTIDO ANDREA Finally, we want to thank you for all your time and love. Thank you for joining us, commenting and remaining faithful to our project.We will keep working hard for you!

With love,

♡ ♡ 

David and Eli, Diddo Madrid founders.

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