September is a very important month for fashion, no doubt about it. For the most fashionist, it is the month where the magic of fashion shows and presentations returns.

But for the rest, it is just as important.That return to normal life after the summer, that change of wardrobe, but still keeping fresh clothes for the warm days that will still be with us.
This is where a garment as light and cool as the TRENCH SOLA finds its place. Perfect for covering up in the morning on your way to the office, and even on your way out.



Designed by our team, it is an evolution of our TRENCH HOLMES, but narrower and more adapted to the body. Made in a soft linen natural colour, it has been manufactured in very few units, only 11! In a small workshop in Madrid, Spain.

Don't miss it! Click on the image to see all the details.


100% LINEN

We hope you liked it as much as we did,

Always by your side,

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